Fujifilm Z10 Launch Party


The Fujifilm Z10 Camera was a brightly colored point and shoot digital camera aimed at the 20 somethings.  In his New York Time’s column, David Pogue wrote:

“And Fujifilm has a new one — called the Z10fd Finepix — aimed at teenagers and twentysomethings. A camera for Generation Z: what does that mean?

First, it means cheap. The Z10fd’s list price is $200. When it ships in late September, the street price will be even lower.

It also means “cool looking.” This tiny, gorgeous camera comes in brilliant metallic pink, dark blue, red, black, green or orange. You turn it on and off just by sliding its front lens cover, which makes everything feel simple and fast.

Generation Z is also expected to respond to features like Auction mode, where the camera assembles two, three or four individual shots of your used stuff into a single JPEG file for posting on eBay. There’s also something called Blog mode, which simply means a smaller, lower-resolution photo.”

For the launch of the Z10, Fujifilm wasn’t looking for their typical “high tech” showcase, they were looking for a launch “party” that would introduce the camera to “Generation Z”.

Working with Text 100, Fujifilm’s marketing and PR company, Wide Angle crafted an event that would showcase the camera as part of a rocking good time.  

We booked the historic rock club Irving Plaza, brought in New York City native band the Bravery and the up-and-coming Locksley from Brooklyn to draw a solid 20 something crowd.  The comic Paul Mecurio (an old Daily Show hand) to host and filled the room with large video screens.  We created a red-carpet entrance to Irving Plaza so everyone attending would have a “papartzzi” moment.  The camera was introduced at formal kiosks and more subtly by both male and female models who were brought in and trained to show party goers the camera and its features.

The event was a success.  “Generation Z” partied hard and embraced the Z10 as “cool” providing a compelling and positive image for the press and VIPs attending the event.