Barack Obama's Presidential Campaign



One week before the pivotal New Hampshire presidential primary in 2008, Wide Angle was contacted to organize a press event for then-Senator Barack Obama in New Jersey.  The initial plan saw Senator Obama using the event to announce the end of the Democratic primary, as it appeared that then-Senator Hillary Clinton would be forced to concede.  With only a week to plan, we went into action, but had to change on the fly after Sen. Clinton won the New Hampshire contest.  

As a result, we weren’t able to confirm the event until just 72 hours before it was supposed to kick off. But true to Wide Angle’s knack for pre-planning, we were ready to go on short notice.  We confirmed key vendors and locked in a strategic plan, all the while staying in communication with the Obama camp to make any adjustments required for political or security reasons.

Wide Angle covered every detail, including managing power distribution for lighting, handling press and campaign needs and dictating exact stage locations, all the while making sure we didn’t damage the floor of St. Peter’s college gym.

Ten thousand people packed into the gym, with hundreds of TV, print and radio reporters vying for a shot at the future president of the United States.  The event featured local politicians and a keynote from Barack Obama who, despite losing his voice, whipped the crowd into a frenzy.  

Senator Obama’s New Jersey campaign event was the number one press hit of the day and it ran flawlessly.  We got press set up, got the speakers on and off the stage in timely fashion and got out of the way of Secret Service when they needed us out.   We even completed our load-out in time for St. Peter’s basketball practice to start on time.

Senator Obama had a strong showing in New Jersey’s primary en route to securing the Democratic party’s nomination later that year.