25th SummerStage Gala


For its 25th SummerStage Gala, The City Parks Foundation, a charity dedicated to cultural happenings in New York City’s parks, sought to create a truly unforgettable event.

Well into the planning process, the Foundation crafted a tribute to Simon & Garfunkel, the legendary duo that first performed in Central Park in 1981, featuring over 30 artists performing Simon & Garfunkel’s hits.  Among those attending were Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel themselves, and Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

Wide Angle was brought in to manage the details, from load-in to rehearsal to show management, as well as load-out and clean-up. We created a streamlined event plan and system of communication between each of the involved parties.  Wide Angle utilized (and in some cases trained) SummerStage staff to execute its strategy, which allowed for the seamless transition of 30 musical acts from arrival in Central Park to stage and finally home at the end of the event.

With Wide Angle handling both the big picture and the details, The City Parks Foundation leadership could focus on schmoozing and enjoying the music.

The gala was a huge success for the Foundation in terms of garnering positive press and raising substantial funds.